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Pope Jr. Greyhounds Lacrosse

What is Select?

  • The Select Program is an opportunity for middle school players with demonstrated ability to hone their skills, participate in a competitive level of play, and gain experience in a play-to-win environment. 
  • Teams are decided by tryouts. 
  • We encourage all middle schoolers to tryout. It’s a great experience - all of these kids will have to eventually tryout for something (high school sports, college, job interview) and it's good to get evaluated to help you know what to work on. If they are nervous or unsure - tell them to treat it as a practice or just an opportunity to get in some more reps.
  • If you tryout for Select and do not make the team, we encourage you to register for our Rec program in January.
  • If your player tries out and makes Select, then Select lacrosse (both practices and games) must be their primary spring sport/activity.  We understand that there will be some overlap between the end of the winter sports/activities season and the beginning of the spring Select lacrosse season. However, once the winter sports season ends, Select lacrosse practices and games must take priority over other sports and activities.  Please ensure that your player is able to commit to the Select season before trying-out.
  • Select is not club lacrosse. We only have a pool of players who live within our district to field our teams from.


  • Grades 6 - 8 (boys), Grades 5-8 (girls)
  • Must live in Pope High School district 

Exceptions (must contact applicable commissioner before registering):

  • Feeder program does not have a Select team.
  • Player is enrolled for a feeder school via school choice or a parent is a teacher in Pope zone and has player enrolled.
  • Player is the child of a coach in the program.





  • No Tryouts (guaranteed to be on rec team)
  • Even playing time (as best as possible)
  • Registration less expensive ($325) than Select
  • Practices start in February
  • Games start in March
  • Tryouts
  • Playing time not guaranteed (and could be none at all)
  • Highly competitive competition
  • Registration more expensive ($525) than Rec
  • Conditioning/Practice starts 
    • Boys: December conditioning and January practices
    • Girls: January conditioning/practices
  • Games could potentially start last weekend of January for boys and in February for girls



Junior Select

Senior Select

  • 6th and 7th graders only (boys), 5th and 6th graders only (girls)
  • Traditionally mostly 7th graders with a couple of top performing 6th graders (boys), Traditionally mostly 6th graders with a couple of top performing 5th graders (girls)
  • 8th graders are not allowed to play Junior Select (Newtown and GMSAA rules)
  • 6th, 7th or 8th grade
  • Traditionally mostly 8th graders with a couple top performing 7th graders
  • Rarely do 6th graders make Senior Select


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About US

Pope Junior Greyhound Lacrosse is a volunteer run youth lacrosse program,
dedicated to teaching and promoting the game of lacrosse to players of all
skill levels. We pride ourselves in providing a safe environment for our
players, coaches, and parents.

Our positive instruction is focused on learning lacrosse fundamentals
through active participation, fair play, and friendly competition. We promote
the values of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for all players,
coaches, officials, competitors, and parents.

Pope Junior Greyhound Lacrosse is a member of the Positive Coaching
Alliance where winning is important, but teaching life lessons is more