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Pope Jr. Greyhounds Lacrosse

Field Maintenance


Gas Can Team – Responsible for going to Tritt and/or HTMS once per week to retrieve empty gas cans, fill them up (reimbursed), and return them for the Field Cutting Team. Estimated time is 1 hour every 2 weeks.

Ant Mound & Trash Pickup Team - Responsible for sprinkling ant killer on ant mounds one time per week and clearing the field of any trash so the Field Cutting Team can mow. Can be done before or after your child's practice. Estimated time is 15 mins per visit.

Field Coordinator - One per location - Responsible for ensuring the Tritt/HTMS fields maintain a level consistent with a quality lacrosse appropriate team(s) to ensure holes are filled, no live ant mounds, branches are cleared, trash is picked up, fields are lined, etc. 

Field Cutting Team – Responsible for mowing the grass (usually March to December) at Tritt or HTMS - typically weekly.  An experienced volunteer cutter can mow Tritt in 1.25 hours and HTMS in 1.5 hours.

Field Lining Coordinator – Responsible for coordinating the painting of the lines on both fields (Tritt and/or HTMS), purchasing paint (reimbursed) so it's ready for the Field Lining Team, measure fields to ensure they are accurate to standards and space available. 

Field Lining Team - Responsible for lining the fields during the lacrosse seasons as well as cleaning the lining machine when done. Estimated time is 2 hours per visit.

Equipment Maintenance Team - Responsible for tracking the routine maintenance schedules on PJGL field equipment and fixing or finding service providers to perform any needed repairs and/or maintenance (reimbursed).

Truck Donor - Must own or have access to a truck with a tow hitch. Responsible for coordinating the use of the truck when field maintenance needs it (i.e. moving field lights, getting lawn equipment serviced).

Goal Stringing Team- Responsible for restringing goals. Estimated time is once per season for about 2 hours.

Please email Field Maintenance to help or with any questions.

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About US

Pope Junior Greyhound Lacrosse is a volunteer run youth lacrosse program,
dedicated to teaching and promoting the game of lacrosse to players of all
skill levels. We pride ourselves in providing a safe environment for our
players, coaches, and parents.

Our positive instruction is focused on learning lacrosse fundamentals
through active participation, fair play, and friendly competition. We promote
the values of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for all players,
coaches, officials, competitors, and parents.

Pope Junior Greyhound Lacrosse is a member of the Positive Coaching
Alliance where winning is important, but teaching life lessons is more