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I know nothing about lacrosse. Where are the best sites/ways to learn more?

In addition, to checking out our Lax IQ page, a great way to gain exposure to lacrosse is to watch NCAA Division I and Division III games on ESPN or ESPNU. Even better, now you can be part of the action thanks to a professional team here in Atlanta (Georgia Swarm). Finally, check out the USA Lacrosse website, which is packed with a TON of information. If your child joins, you’ll receive a monthly magazine and some other perks, too.

What equipment is required?

For Boys: Your child will need a lacrosse stick, helmet, colored mouth guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, a protective athletic supporter (cup), cleats (soccer are fine), and a water bottle. Rib pads are a personal preference, but not necessary at U9 or U11 lacrosse. Equipment is available to rent from Lax4Community. Be sure to also purchase a lacrosse ball for your player as he'll need it to practice at home.

For Girls: Your child will need protective eye googles and/or a helmet, a girls lacrosse stick, cleats (soccer are fine), a water bottle, and a colored mouth guard. Be sure to also purchase a lacrosse ball for your player as she will need it to practice at home.

All Middle School Goalies must provide their own equipment.


What is a player pack?

Each season, your registration fee includes specific items for your player to keep. For boys, this always includes a shooter shirt to wear under his pads during the game and shorts to wear during the game. Any additional items included in the player pack is decided by the Commissioner and the Spirit Wear board members. Personalized bag tags will be provided to all players for the season and will be handed out at the end of the season. Players like to display their tags collectively on their bag to show all the seasons they played.


I played lacrosse growing up. Do you need any more coaches?

Yes! We welcome all dads and moms with the time, background, skills and lax love to volunteer. Email the Girls Commissioner or Boys Commissioner to find out more.


We think this league is amazing! How can I be more involved?

There are many opportunities to get involved with our program. All parents will be asked to assist in 2 areas. These include but are not limited to being a team parent, assisting with our school work days, helping to maintain our lax fields. When teams are created, you will also be asked to help with Game Day duties. In the Spring, we also welcome you to apply to be a board member. No matter what, please continue to promote the program with great word-of-mouth in the community. We appreciate it!


Will Pope Jr Greyhound Lacrosse accept players zoned outside of the Pope High School district into the REC program?

Pope Jr Greyhound Lacrosse prioritizes roster spots for players that live in/attend a Pope HS feeder school.  Out of district players MAY be accepted into the REC program, but the decision is evaluated on a season-by-season basis dependent on available roster spots.  Please Note: This only applies to the REC program. 

Can a player within the Pope school district play for another public school's SELECT program?

In accordance with the policies of the Georgia Middle School Athletic Association (Boys) and Newtown Recreation (Girls), Pope Junior Greyhound Lacrosse does not grant or accept waivers for a player within the Pope school district to play for another public school's SELECT program.

Where is the best place to purchase gear?

Hands-down, your one-stop shop for gear and your stick is Play It Again Sports (used), Dick's Sporting Goods (new), and Lax Zone (new). Please note that if you need your stick re-strung, Lax Zone is your best bet. In addition, we have created a FaceBook page specifically for PJGL families to buy/sell/trade equipment and apparel. Please search for: Jr Greyhound Lacrosse-Buy/Sell/Trade to request access to join this private group.

Do you provide an option to rent gear for boys?

We do not; however, Lax4Community does! Check them out!

How are teams created?

During the practices leading up to the start of games, coaches will evaluate all players. After the evaluation, the division coaches will come together and hold a draft to divide the players into evenly skilled teams. We do not have A and B teams in our program, and we understand that other programs may divide their teams differently.

Can my child be put on the same team with his/her friends?

Sorry, no. The entire division practices together so your child will spend a lot of time with his/her friends and you can take advantage of weekly carpools. For games, we really hope carpool isn't an issue and your child has a parent there cheering the team on. If a parent can't make a game, you will meet other parents on the team who will be happy to assist in getting your child to the game.

Why did some players get asked to play up to the next division?

There may be situations that arise within our program that will create a need to ask players to “play up.” Once registration ends, the Commissioner will analyze registration numbers, team makeups, and available coaching staff to determine if additional players are needed from a lower level and will invite players accordingly. If a player is invited to “play up,” it is only good for the current season.


Can my player play up?

Please click here to see our policy.

My child is also wanting to play football (Fall) or baseball (Spring). Is this a good idea?

While it’s great your child wants to stay active with sports, juggling is something our families discover is the hardest thing of all. We strongly encourage players to commit to one of these time-intensive sports during a single season.

Will my child be expected to practice in intense heat?

We always respect that parents make the ultimate decision to have their child participate in practice and games for any reason, including playing in heat. Same as Pope High School, we currently defer to the Georgia High School Athletic Association standard and guidelines. Our coaches use the Weather Prediction website to calculate the wet-bulb temperature (WBGT). If a team decides to practice, coaches will adhere to the instruction tied to breaks per hour and an extra emphasis on hydration. Rest time involves both unlimited hydration intake (water or electrolyte drinks), without any activity involved, and helmets are removed. Please direct any questions or concerns to your coach.

Is Pope Jr Greyhound Lacrosse affiliated with the Georgia Swarm?

No. We will periodically promote games and organize family nights (with discounted tickets) with the Georgia Swarm since our spring schedule coincides with theirs, but there is no direct affiliation.

My child has aged out of the program. How can I be removed from the mailing list?

We hate to see you go but completely understand you inbox gets a lot of emails. To be removed please email us at:

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Pope Junior Greyhound Lacrosse is a volunteer run youth lacrosse program,
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