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Pope Jr. Greyhounds Lacrosse


Sponsorship supports 3 key initiatives for Pope Junior Greyhound Lacrosse which are critical to the future of our program:

  • equipment upgrades
  • long-term facility improvements
  • scholarships

Anyone can join and every sponshorship makes a difference.

Donation Levels:

PLATINUM SPONSOR – $50 (you will receive a custom Platinum Sponsor Car Magnet​)

GOLD SPONSOR – $20 (you will receive a PJGL car magent)


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What does it mean to be a PJGL Sponsor?

  • You love Pope Jr. Greyhound Lacrosse and want to see it succeed
  • You want to provide scholarship opportunities for student-athletes in our community
  • You want to contribute to providing PJGL with the best equipment possible
  • You are willing to invest into the long-term facility improvement projects
  • You care about the long-term prosperity of Pope Jr. Greyhound Lacrosse

Q: Who can become a Sponsor?

A: Anyone who loves PJGL and wants to support its mission.

Q: Why does PJGL need sponsor support?

A: Because PJGL is self-supported and budgeted dollars only come from registration costs. We do not get money from ticket sales, corporate sponsors, the county, or the high school. 

Q: What are your sponsorship goals?

A: Being able to provide scholarships to any player that needs assistance, maintaining equipment in good working condition, and installing permenant lighting on our game fields.

Q: How do I become a sponsor?

A: Click here to make a Platinum sponsor donation or email us at to arrange sponsor donation.

     Click here to make a Gold sponsor donation or email us at to arrange sponsor donation.

     Click here to make a Silver sponsor donation or email us at to arrange sponsor donation.

Thank you for your support! Go Hounds!


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About US

Pope Junior Greyhound Lacrosse is a volunteer run youth lacrosse program,
dedicated to teaching and promoting the game of lacrosse to players of all
skill levels. We pride ourselves in providing a safe environment for our
players, coaches, and parents.

Our positive instruction is focused on learning lacrosse fundamentals
through active participation, fair play, and friendly competition. We promote
the values of good sportsmanship, teamwork, and respect for all players,
coaches, officials, competitors, and parents.

Pope Junior Greyhound Lacrosse is a member of the Positive Coaching
Alliance where winning is important, but teaching life lessons is more